What is Stratify Prostate?

Stratify Prostate™ is a national program that provides no-cost tumor sequencing for 10,000 men with metastatic prostate cancer to see if they may qualify for precision medicine clinical trials now or in the future. 

To be considered for participation, complete the Patient Survey and then take the Physician Flyer to your doctor.

Why Should I Get My Tumor Sequenced?


A new class of drugs in clinical trials, targeting BRCA and ATM-mutations, has demonstrated  promising results in mCRPC patients

To determine your tumor mutation status, and if may be eligible for one of these clinical trials, you need to get your tumor tested


How Does it Work?


> How do I participate? 

Tumor sequencing is provided to eligible patients at no-cost through enrollment in an observational study sponsored
by Strata Oncology called the Strata Trial.

  1. Your doctor orders a StrataNGS tumor sequencing test
  2. Your leftover tumor material is shipped to Strata Oncology for testing
  3. Strata issues your doctor a StrataNGS tumor sequencing report
  4. You and your doctor discuss the results and consider potential clinical trial opportunities
  5. Strata Oncology may contact your doctor to track how the tumor sequencing results were used 

> Why should I participate? 

We may find gene changes in your tumor that are important to your cancer treatment. Your testing results may indicate
that you potentially match to a relevant drug trial, thereby increasing your opportunity for treatment options. 

You will also be part of cancer research, which might lead to better treatments for you and others with prostate cancer.  

> Do I need to have any new medical procedures to participate? 

No. Your doctor will send a leftover sample of your tumor that they already have.

> How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to you to participate in Stratify Prostate. 

> How do I find out if I am eligible to participate? 

 To find out if you may be eligible to participate in Stratify Prostate, please complete the 'Pre-Qualification Form' below.